Application Suites

Disc 3

CuteNotes - 1.50 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  15 days 8/16/1999 
CuteNotes (185018 Bytes)

CuteNotes reminds events from every 1 minute to several years, automatically checks up to 24 e-mail accounts, has a calendar and much more.


JS Office - 1.6 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 Days 6/27/1999 
JS Office (2924642 Bytes)

JS Office is a suite of applications that allow you to view bookmarks, assemble a contact record, send and receive fax documents, and much more. JS Office is an excellent program if you like to stay organized and keep everything all in one application.


NetInfo - 3.5 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 8/5/1999 
NetInfo (1588497 Bytes)

NetInfo is a fully configurable, multi-threaded program that provides a number of excellent tools to discern network information at the click of a mouse. NetInfo has an easy-to-understand interface, and is clean and easy to use. It includes trace route, NSlookup, service scan, local information, and much more.


Omni NFS Enterpise - 4.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  15 day fully functional 7/22/1999 
Omni NFS Enterpise (6011846 Bytes)

A complete network solution. Omni NFS gives the user access to Unix, Linux files, printers, and backup devices over a network or the internet. Other features include NFS client, NFS server, FTP client and server and a Terminal emulator.


PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor - 1.2 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  14 days 8/16/1999 
PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor (262144 Bytes)

PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor is designed to digitize recordings of music cassettes, LPs or videos, which allows you to put your music collection on CD.


Privateline - 2.01 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  15 days 6/21/1999 
Privateline (6677325 Bytes)

Privateline includes secure instant messaging with video conferencing, encryption, authentication, digital signature, remote application launching, application sharing, message self-destruct and much more.


QVT/Net - 4.2 d 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/14/1999 
QVT/Net (6865096 Bytes)

QVT/Net is an FTP client with news, Telnet, and e-mail clients, as well as having 3 server applications.


SCAMPS - 2.0 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/7/1999 
SCAMPS (2966973 Bytes)

SCAMPS includes The Player, which plays MP3, WAV, MPEG and more and also three other programs which help you create skins for the player.


SmartWin CyberOffice - 2.2.3 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/26/1999 
SmartWin CyberOffice (677240 Bytes)

A program that is a mix of a web server, shopping cart, file exchange, net chatting, net phoning, and web browser programs. It can also help you create or alter an already existing web page in minutes.


XenoBits: Desktop Utilities - 1.30 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unlimited 7/1/1999 
XenoBits: Desktop Utilities (4930055 Bytes)

XenoBits: Desktop Utilities includes News, Games and Weather in one program.


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