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Powerbar - 1.80 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 9/3/1999 
Powerbar (471557 Bytes)

Powerbar is an excellent toolbar with extensive functionality featuring enhanced virtual desktops, quick paster, e-mail support (check/peek/send), scheduler, quick connect to dial-up network (Internet/RAS), clipboard enhancer, multi-user aware, hotkeys, screen capture, tray support,shutdown/restart, quick resolution change, real-time memory monitor, multimedia built-in (plays wave/midi/CD-ROMs), analog clock, digital clock (with or without date), instant-drive access, tasklist, IE look, tool tips, auto-hide, auto-zoom, columns. All items are drop targets with easy configuration. Everything is presented in an attractive way.


PowerPro - 1.9 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 6/21/1999 
PowerPro (5689128 Bytes)

PowerPro provides a compact and powerful launch bar, menu, and tray-icon facility. But this is just the start. With a little experimenting with its configuration, you can use PowerPro to change the way you work with your Windows system. The source of its power is the way PowerPro integrates three capabilities: run of commands, control of other program's windows, and the use desktop utility functions. This little program is loaded!


RipBAR 2000 - build 3308 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/17/1999 
RipBAR 2000 (1624343 Bytes)

RipBAR is a highly rated application toolbar for Win95 and NT. It is designed to enhance or replace Program Manager (or Explorer). Keep both applications and documents on the bar, as well as custom RipBAR tools like time and date display, resource gauges, memory gauges, CPU-usage meter, Post-It-style notes, and more!


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