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AutoSpell - 5.43 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 7/1/1999 
AutoSpell (2046712 Bytes)

AutoSpell is a spell checker designed for use with online communications programs. It installs itself as an add-on and is available whenever you create a message. When a message is sent or stored for later sending, AutoSpell automatically checks the spelling. You do not need to remember to do a thing! If there are any misspelled words, AutoSpell prompts you for a correction. Once the spell check is complete, your file is sent or stored as it normally would be.


AvirMail - 1.61 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/17/1999 
AvirMail (2489019 Bytes)

AvirMail features Support 9 mail accounts over LAN as well as a dial-up connection. It checks for new mail automatically when you go online and when you go offline, it automatically dials-up, checks mail and hangs up again. It has a flashing tray icon on new mail, a flexible time-based mail-checking configuration, reads up to 5, 10 or 20 first message lines for you, tells you when a file is attached to a message, and shows mail headers. You can delete mail directly from your mail server, and it has the option of popping up when new mail arrives. AvirMail uses very few system resources and stays in your system tray. Also, AvirMail works well with a very slow mail server. In addition, it sends a reply e-mail, has an anti-spam filter and includes online help.


Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify - 4.66a 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  10 days 9/2/1999 
Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify (1635201 Bytes)

Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify is a sharp e-mail-checker utility that uses multiple accounts. It includes a built-in e-mail client to manage the mail, attachment handling, pop-up notification, limited spam-mail filtering, and remote delete of e-mail.


E.Spy - 2.0 b2 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/29/1999 
E.Spy (1328617 Bytes)

E.Spy will check your e-mail for all your different e-mail accounts, giving you the opportunity to delete the mail from the server, have different notifying sounds for each account, quickly view e-mail, and more.


Exchange POP3 - 4.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 9/2/1999 
Exchange POP3 (2841989 Bytes)

Exchange POP3 is an e-mail gateway that retrieves messages from all of your POP3 accounts and delivers them to your Microsoft Exchange Server. Handles any number of POP3 accounts, supports single and multiple recipients POP3 accounts, has virus scanners, mailing lists, and more.


IMAP Notify - 1.0 Beta 4 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/4/1999 
IMAP Notify (873059 Bytes)

IMAP Notify is a very good program that allows the user to check multiple e-mail accounts for e-mail over the Internet or the intranet. IMAP Notify is compatible with IMAP servers, unlike most e-mail checkers. It can also start most e-mail clients.


Ladybird - 2.a 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/14/1999 
Ladybird (99068 Bytes)

Ladybird is a mail checker that runs in the background. It saves time in opening your full-fledged mail client to simply see what's in your mailbox. It is fast loading and small.


Mail Spector - 1.2 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  15 days 6/29/1999 
Mail Spector (1596951 Bytes)

Mail Spector allows you to see what e-mail is waiting for you on your server without downloading it. Shows who sent the e-mail, subject and size.


MailAlert - 2.20 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/17/1999 
MailAlert (3638784 Bytes)

MailAlert is a taskbar utility which notifies you when you have received e-mail without having to keep your mail program always running. Features include automatic re-dial, built-in RAS support, "Always on Top" option, and the ability to delete mail directly from your mail server. There is no need to download all of your e-mail to your PC. If the envelope information and message preview are enough, you can tag and delete multiple messages directly from MailAlert's Envelope Information window.


MailBell - 1.12 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 7/6/1999 
MailBell (859648 Bytes)

A utility that stays in your system tray and checks e-mail periodically. It checks multiple accounts, working on LANs as well as dial-up connections. As new mail arrives, your e-mail reader will be started, and MailBell notifies you.


MailEye - 1.13 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  1 month 8/23/1999 
MailEye (340601 Bytes)

MailEye is a talking POP e-mail notification utility that runs in the background and periodically checks you e-mail accounts for messages. Plays sounds, talks, runs main e-mail client and much more.


Notificator - 1.0b 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  unlimited 6/17/1999 
Notificator (526639 Bytes)

Notificator is an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple web-based mail accounts or POP3 accounts.


POP Beamer - 3.11 

Home Page  License:  Demo  Expiration:  Unknown 7/31/1999 
POP Beamer (654859 Bytes)

POP Beamer is an inbound POP3 router for Microsoft Exchange Server and collects messages from any POP3 account and routes it to your Exchange Server. POP Beamer supports auto detect routing of messages and can be used to share one POP3 mailbox for a whole company over a single Dial-up connection.


ReconMail 98 - 3.5 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 7/10/1999 
ReconMail 98 (2652724 Bytes)

ReconMail is a powerful e-mail management tool. It features message filtering, mail forwarding, auto-respond, send mail with MIME attachments, and more. It allows you to manage multiple e-mail accounts; to use a dial-up manager; to access wizards for creation of filters; to take advantage of HTML support; and to receive notification of new mail and mailing lists. ReconMail also launches your normal e-mail client when new mail arrives.


Simple Check - 4.0 Beta 8 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/20/1999 
Simple Check (40971 Bytes)

Simple Check has simple account editor, a progress window and a result window. In the result window you can see some information for each message, such as "From", "Subject", "Size" and "Date." Also, you can launch your favorite mail reader and you can delete unwanted messages. All information about accounts (mailboxes) is stored in the registry. Simple Check supports secured authorization (APOP command) for servers that support optional POP3 commands. It also has auto-dial/hang-up features.


SyTinem - 1.6 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 7/29/1999 
SyTinem (208814 Bytes)

SyTinem is a tool that allows you to check several POP3 mail accounts for new mail. SyTinem can also be used to synchronize your local PCs time with the time of a daytime server publicly available on the Internet. This ensures that your local PCs time keeps in sync with the "real" time. The ability of this program to sense a dial-up connection adds to the ability to run the program prior to dialing the provider.


Talking E-mail - 2.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  14 days 6/26/1999 
Talking E-mail (5722763 Bytes)

How about listening to your e-mail instead of reading it? This program is highly customizable and will make your incoming e-mail come to life. This program works with your standard e-mail account and no special hardware is required other than a standard sound card.


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