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Araneae - 2.7.5 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/25/1999 
Araneae (493010 Bytes)

Araneae is a simply text editor for HTML files. It features syntax highlighting, a multiple document tabbed interface, a color picker, drag and drop support, GIF, PNG, and JPG support, and more.


Edit Pad - 3.5.0 

Home Page  License:  Postcardware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/17/1999 
Edit Pad (307754 Bytes)

A great replacement for windows Notepad with multiple file support, drag and drop capabilities, and more. Switch between your different files easily with tabs at the top of the window, and manage your web pages with ease without a dozen windows open at the same time. This program is fantastic, try it out for yourself!


EditorPro Suite - 1.0.1 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 9/2/1999 
EditorPro Suite (6743354 Bytes)

EditorPro Suite combines EditorPro (a full featured multi-tabbed text editor with syntax highlighting and advanced features for 9 different languages and multiple file types) and Tray Suite (a tray application offering on-the-fly spell checking, Roget's Thesaurus and Definitions Dictionary for use with any Windows application). Use one text editor for all your editing needs, no longer open different applications to view and edit your code and plain text files.


eWriter - 0.9v 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/18/1999 
eWriter (513134 Bytes)

eWriter is the "writing" end of a duplex e-mail typing machine. The "reading" end is a (web) browser. Write your eLetter with HTML punctuation, send it, and the reader's customized browser does the "word processor look" for reading and printing. This release also handles XML "writing".


FTPEdit - 2.21 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/2/1999 
FTPEdit (1292552 Bytes)

FTPEdit allow you to edit your HTML files in a Notepad-like environment and save them to a FTP server as if it was your hard drive. Allows automatic mirroring to local hard drives that are hooked up to your network, which is a very handy tool to have when several people are working on one project. All your basic editing tools such as color coding for HTML, JAVA/JAVAScript, templates, Smart tab and more.


GWD Text Editor - 2.51 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 7/26/1999 
GWD Text Editor (2438216 Bytes)

An editor that makes it easy for you to edit, HTML, CGI, C++, INI, TXT and other files quickly and efficiently by color coding the the language tags. GWD Text Editor also gives you a large selection of many user configurations and options.


Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool - 2.7 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/12/1999 
Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool (2102409 Bytes)

Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool includes many tools and options of all sorts. Some include script wizard, style sheet assistant, table assistant, list assistant, URL Assistant, Auto tag removal, JavaKit with ready-to-run applets, convert HTML file to C and Perl CGI or JavaScript, reads UNIX format, Test document with any browser or HTML page checker, Template & project support, Easy to use MDI-Interface, option to include an external HTML reference help file, user defined tags, Edit files of unlimited size, drag & drop capable.


Maruo editor - 3.01 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  1 month 7/19/1999 
Maruo editor (493398 Bytes)

Maruo editor is an easy to use, highly customizable text editor designed for editing and writing computer programs. Features include ability to edit up to 10 million lines, no restrictions on file size, 8 popup menus that can be defined and much more.


Multi-Edit - 8.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 7/20/1999 
Multi-Edit (2641891 Bytes)

Multi-Edit is an all-in-one text editor that allows you to edit HTML documents as well as upload them through the included FTP client. Also lets you compile C++ programs, DELPHI, COBOL and much more.


MyLight - 2.2 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 9/7/1999 
MyLight (394389 Bytes)

MyLight is an editor designed for programmers. Features include custom syntax-highlighting for almost any programming languages, autosave, autocomplete, and much more.


PrimalSCRIPT - 1.0 Build 199 

Home Page  License:  Demo  Expiration:  30 days 8/18/1999 
PrimalSCRIPT (4620496 Bytes)

PrimalSCRIPT is a language independent text editor that supports Java, HTML, Perl, VBScript, JScript,JavaScript, Rexx and DOS Batch. You can edit all types of files for use on or off the Internet.


TexED - 2.12 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/6/1999 
TexED (2033152 Bytes)

Fully featured text editor for Win95/98/NT with unlimited file size, tabbed interface, QuickLoad feature, insert special ASCII & HTML characters, insert HTML color values, encoding/encryption, autosave, change case, renaming and deleting, wordcount and text statistics, insert date/time, find/replace, goto, wrapping, change colors and fonts, typing speed test, backup files, fully customizable.


UltraEdit 32 - 6.20a 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/17/1999 
UltraEdit 32 (1173661 Bytes)

An excellent replacement for NOTEPAD, this is one powerful Windows Editor that's very easy to use. With support for unlimited file sizes, 100,000 word spelling checker, drag and drop, full HEX editing capabilities, user configurable syntax highlighting (coloring) is pre-configured for HTML, Java, C/C++, VB, Perl - even has special support for FORTRAN, column editing, sorting, and a configurable toolbar.


Visual Multitool - 3.4 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 Days 8/10/1999 
Visual Multitool (696320 Bytes)

Visual Multitool is a file viewer, finder, and editor. You can select a set of directories and drives which will be searched for a text with many-option filters. Files are displayed in multiple windows arranged in many optional ways. The occurrence of the search text are highlighted. You can move easily between occurrences in multidocuments eventually making modification or automatic replacement by another text.


WWW Publisher - 4.5 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/13/1999 
WWW Publisher (1052569 Bytes)

A small, fast MDI editor that provides menu items to automate common HTML tasks. It also allows unlimited file size, supports, lists, frames, and tables. When a new background color is selected, WWW Publisher's editor window changes color to allow color preview.


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