Disc 1

Carlanthano - 2.3.390 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 9/7/1999 
Carlanthano (1838339 Bytes)

Carlanthano is a nicely designed "jukebox" for the Windows operating system. It creates a playlist of multimedia files and can be left to play them in the taskbar. Carlanthano is very customizable and useful for those who have large multimedia collections.


CD-Runner - 2000a 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 8/26/1999 
CD-Runner (3909030 Bytes)

CD/Multimedia Player, Ripper & Database Organizer. Faceplates designed to look like real equipment. Online access to the CDDB to automatically retrieve CD info, Year-2000 compatible, Media Runner includes support for almost all movie and audio files (MP3, WAV, AVI, AVI, etc.), CD Ripper, Automated MP3 ID3 tagging & viewing, Proxy Server & Authentication support for HTTP access to the online CDDB (for firewalls), fully-featured Music Library includes local database export options, customize options for faceplate graphics, fonts, colors, wallpapers, LCD, LED or custom glass display windows, new half-size faceplate option, new drag & drop / multiple file selection playlist editors, very easy to use, online context-sensitive help.


COWON Jet-Audio - 4.6 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 7/9/1999 
COWON Jet-Audio (7704929 Bytes)

COWON Jet-Audio is an audio suite with 5 independent music components including Mixer, Audio CD Player, Digital AudioPlayer, MIDI Player, and Digital Video Player. The Mixer is 100% compatible to Windows 95/98. It includes convenient album management function on each component. It also includes a small remote controller that can operate most of the functions of the programs. Also features a searching function of audio CD information from the Internet CD databases. (More than 5000 discs in the Internet CD databases) built-in MP3 engine in the digital audio component. The audio component offers many special effects, a 6-band graphic equalizer, and a spectrum analysis screen; built-in RA engine on the digital audio component. The compact digital video player supports AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT. COWON Jet-Audio reduces to a tiny tray icon on the task bar.


Media Jukebox - 1.0.352 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  Unknown 9/3/1999 
Media Jukebox (1875304 Bytes)

Media Jukebox gives you an easy way to organize and play your music files: MP3, MusicX, Wave, RealAudio, RealVideo, AVI, QuickTime. It can also arrange your music files in groups by artist, by album, or by playlist.


MM Player - 4.02 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 Days 6/17/1999 
MM Player (899026 Bytes)

MM Player is a multimedia player that lets you make a playlist of all kinds of audio and movie formats such as MIDI, AVI, QuickTime and more. It also allows you to organize your favorite CD tracks and mix with all of your other multimedia files. MM Player is a useful application for organizing all of your music and online movie collections.


MusicMatch Jukebox - 4.10.0056 Beta 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  full download - encode up to 5 songs from CD 8/11/1999 
MusicMatch Jukebox (4799872 Bytes)

MusicMatch Jukebox is the world's first all-in-one CD ripper/MP3 encoder/Jukebox/Player! Digitally record and MP3-encode tracks from your CD library in a single step, and create CD-quality MP3 files at speeds of up to 5x faster than the normal play speed.


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