Misc Servers

Disc 3

DeEnesse - 2.12 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  14 Days 8/14/1999 
DeEnesse (2059002 Bytes)

DeEnesse is a breakthrough in DNS server technology, allowing you to create your own DNS server simply and fast. Includes features such as: InterNIC registration, traceroute, finger, ping, and a domain editor which lets you add or delete domains at the click of a mouse button.


WebPerformance Trainer Load Tester - 1.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/1/1999 
WebPerformance Trainer Load Tester (5850124 Bytes)

When developing distributed applications on internet time, load testing and performance tuning can often be left until the last minute, but this program tests your development by simulating hundreds of users a second hitting your web server in different connection speeds.


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