Offline Browsers

Disc 2

Aha - 8.6 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  10 days 7/16/1999 
Aha (1509801 Bytes)

Aha is an offline browser that can browse and print HTML pages offline on local or network drives. Also displays and prints HTML, RTF, text and graphics files.


Disco Pump - 3.0 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 8/5/1999 
Disco Pump (2128736 Bytes)

Disco pump loads web pages on your computer and builds the saved pages into a structured file tree where the user can easily access all pages in order as they where loaded easy to use and easy to navigate.


HMView - 3.01 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unlimited 8/16/1999 
HMView (1191987 Bytes)

HMView is a fully-featured browser designed for off-line use. Controls include font size, search, print, and source view. It supports frames, tables, animated GIFs, and sounds in HTML. It is compact and can be used to distribute with HTML information if you aren't certain of the recipient's browser capabilities. This system is multilingual, as well.


Hyper Maker HTML - 3.29 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unlimited 7/26/1999 
Hyper Maker HTML (2831869 Bytes)

This is an offline browser that also lets you package HTML pages, images, and multimedia into one compressed file. Hyper Maker HTML gives you a handy way to create and distribute HTML-based multimedia publications. The browser has multilanguage support.


JOC Web Spider - 2.52 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  21 days or 80 uses 6/2/1999 
JOC Web Spider (294669 Bytes)

Download and view websites quickly and easily with JOC Web Spider. Supports JavaScript and VBScript.


LIKSE - 3.16 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  Unknown 6/7/1999 
LIKSE (537779 Bytes)

LIKSE is an off-line HTML viewer, with a built-in keyword search engine that retrieves pages in hypertext format. The search engine supports boolean operators (AND, OR, PHRASE), and will even list the first few lines of the document as a quick summary. You may use LIKSE to help you and your users to organize information and find what you want instantly and efficiently.


Offline Explorer - 1.2.178 beta 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  30 days 9/3/1999 
Offline Explorer (508340 Bytes)

Offline Browser is a Windows 95/98/NT program that allows the user to download their favorite web sites for later viewing or editing.


WebCopier - 1.3 

Home Page  License:  Freeware  Expiration:  unlimited 8/3/1999 
WebCopier (1558958 Bytes)

WebCopier is a powerful offline browser that downloads web sites and stores them locally to your hard drive. It can download up to 20 files simultaneously and print the entire content of the site or a specific part. Supports proxy servers account and passwords to access secure sites.


WebZIP - 3.0 beta 4 

Home Page  License:  Shareware  Expiration:  28 days 8/17/1999 
WebZIP (1037221 Bytes)

Quickly download and save entire websites, or just the parts you need. Websites are automatically downloaded and stored within a single compressed Zip file, which can later be viewed off-line with your preferred browser, or WebZIP's built-in browser. Simply drag and drop links from your browser into WebZIP's DropZone, or use WebZIP's Task Wizard to gain maximum control over what information you retrieve.


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