The Maxx Collection (1993-1994)
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Name of CD-ROM and Year Number of Files Size in Bytes
Swimsuits to the Maxx
from Maxx Productions (1994)
1568 416494
PC Games to the Maxx
Arcade, Adventure, Demos, and Shareware (1993)
4511 514160
Sights and Sounds to the Maxx
Movies, Sounds, Songs, and Images (1994)
3351 623010
Shareware to the Maxx
MSDOS Shareware Programs (1993)
3258 609850
Windowsware to the Maxx
Windows 3.1 Shareware Programs (1994)
3895 596512
  16583 2760026

Thanks to a bunch of people, including Erik Pederson, MCbx, and Tim Hazel,
who have donated, mailed, or uploaded dozens and dozens of CD-ROMs for this site.