The Best of WinFiles.COM June 1998 - Disc 4

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This CD-Set matches the organization of the WWW.WINFILES.COM site.  We have indicated the disc that contains each catagory of shareware.  Each CD contains the "top-level" HTML files for all 4 discs.  To access files on any of the discs, simply start your browser and open "X:\index.html" where "X" is the drive letter of your CD-ROM.

Some of the links in the pages on these CD's are "live" and reference locations on the Internet. In particular the links to publisher's home pages are all live, as are the links to the "newest shareware and themes". To access these links you will need to be connected to the Internet. All the programs referenced on all the pages on all 4 CD's are present on the discs.

Click on one of these links to view a detailed index of each disc:

We've Got the Largest Windows 95/98 Shareware Collection on the Internet!
Nobody can beat's Windows 95/98 Shareware collection. Before you start downloading, however, we recommend that you take a quick look at our Windows 95/98 READ ME File.
Get What You Came For:
We've made it easier than ever to find the exact software you're looking for, and it's easier to browse our collection and find things that interest you. You can choose from the icons above to get you started in the right direction, you can scroll down to the text links below to get short descriptions of what's in each category. If you'd like to see the latest Windows 95/98 additions to our collection, be sure to visit our Newest Windows 95/98 Software page!
Windows 95/98 Shell and Desktop ToolsLocated on Disc 1
In this part of our collection, you'll find everything you need to make your Windows 95/98 Shell and Desktop more functional and more fun!
Windows 95/98 UtilitiesLocated on Disc 1
Our Utilities section is a must for all Windows 95/98 users. You'll find compression tools, disk utilities, file utilities, encryption tools, security tools, and any other tools available!
Windows 95/98 GamesLocated on Disc 2
The title says it all. You can download the latest action, strategy, simulation, card games, or any other game made for Windows 95/98! Plus, you can check out our new Gaming Utilities page to help you get the most out of your play!
Windows 95/98 Network and Internet ToolsLocated on Disc 3
Looking for a new Web browser? A new plug-in? An updated FTP client? Perhaps you're trying to find the hottest new killer Internet app? Well, whatever it is, it's sure to be in our Network and Internet section.
Windows 95/98 Multimedia and Graphics ToolsLocated on Disc 2
Bring your system to life with the latest graphics tools, video and animation tools, and sound utilities in our Multimedia section.
Windows 95/98 Productivity ToolsLocated on Disc 4
If you've got a job to do, then you need to check out our Productivity section. We've got calculators and convertors, printer tools, financial software, and lots more stuff to keep you busy (and productive) for months!
Windows 95/98 Authoring and Programming ToolsLocated on Disc 4
Are you a developer? A Web author? A VB hacker? Then you'll definately want to check out our Authoring and Programming section. We've got the latest in Java, CGI, and scripting tools, and HTML Editors of all shapes and sizes. Plus, we've got plenty of standard progamming tools, as well!
Windows 95/98 Information Management ToolsLocated on Disc 4
Trying to manage your time, your schedule, your information, or your sanity with Windows 95/98? Then be sure to stop by our Information Management Tools section. You'll be organized in no time!

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